The Happiest Day in My life

      We cannot always be happy or sad. We have our happy and sad days. Everyday we must have surely met either happy or sad events. As for me, the day on which i passed the ninth standard examination was the happiest day in my life.
     One fine summer morning in April, a friend of mine, Mg Nyint, came to my house. He told me about my success in the examination. This good news made me very happy. At once, i jumped up and shouted with joy. My parents and my relatives congratulated me on my relatives congratulated om on my greatest success. I had worked hard for the examination and done well in all the subjects. My teachers told me very often that. I might pass the exam with high marks. As soon as i heard that the results were out, I hurriedly dressed myself and went to the school with Mg Nyint to look at the results. I felt very excited on the way to school. When we reached there, i saw that i passed the examination with distinctions in all subjects. i also saw Mg Nyint's name on the result. He got two distinctions too. The place around the noticeboard was crowed with many students. i saw some students smiling and some crying. Some of them were satisfied and some were disappointed and unhappy.
    I ran home as fast as i could to tell my parents about my success in the examination. Everybody at home was glad to hear my good news. All of them were very proud of my success. All of my friends and my relatives praised me. My father promised to by me a new bicycle. My mother also deiced to have a small dinner party for me at home. On that day, my favorite uncle, U Aung Moe, gave me five thousand kyats as reward. I went to the cinema with my close  friends. We also Visited the Shwedagon Pagoda and Zoo. Then we had our lunch at restaurant. We enjoyed ourselves very much. In the evening, we returned home by taxi. It was indeed my happiest and most enjoyable day in my life. So, i shall never forget that day throughout My life.

Thank all readers .
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