The Problems facing old and young in a rapidly changing society

          In the old days there were tow types of old people, the independent, dignified and self-respecting parents or bullying, dominating tyrants. It was the prerogative of the father to have the last say and children feared and respected him. Old People had Society behind them. Society demanded that you respected your elders.
          By the time old people reach their retiring age they have usually acquired some authority in the jobs. When they retire, they feel disorientated, getting no repect from Society.
           Many old people live alone and are independent but Society treats them as sceond class citizens, dodderers, people who can't help themselves, sans teeth sans hearing, sans everything. And as they daily lose more ground in the battle whith the youunger generation they have to retreat into Old Polples Homes or into isolation.
 The lot of the young people however ha simproved tremendously. Where before they were told that they could be see not heard today they are society's darlings. The advertisers cater to them-jests, sportswear, cosmetics-they are the beautiful people. They are given freedom beyond the dreams of young people of a generation ago. They are opinionated, can stay out late, go out with the opposite sex as they please, in fact, as the Americans say, they are in the cat bird's seat.
        But this freedom has disorientated them too. Young People whose freedom was limited, waited to be adults when they could assume adult privileges. Too much freedom has made young prople become bored and they seek new means of amusing themselves. And so we have they strange Phonomea of teenage drinking, drug taking, unmarried mothers, call girls and social escorts. Obviously the young people miss Society's guardianship. It is clearly too much of a permissive Society.
           Unfortunately in the evolution of human relationship it is difficult to go backwards. We cannot insist that children have all their rights taken away. The liberal attitude was arrived at out of concern for the young people's feelings.
            Nor will young people go back to the days of respecting people just because they are old. Young people feel so strong, So capable, so knowlgeable they are not prepared to bow and scrape to anybody. At bast they are prepared to be kind to the old folk, help them across the road not give up their seats to and look after the physical needs of their aging parents 
           Somewhere along the way, a whole quality of life has been bost; the mass media, advertsing, television, factory life, the permissive society has eroded the foundations of family life and nothing has been found to put in its place.
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